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Auburn UMC Safe Sanctuaries “Big Ideas”

  • The minimum age requirement to be the primary leader of children or youth is eighteen years of age.
  • Youth may volunteer to assist at age twelve and are at least four years older than the children they are helping with.
  • A minimum of two non-related adults should lead groups of children and youth together. If it is not possible to staff with non-related adults, an additional adult is required to serve as a “floater” with visual and physical access to all areas.
  • Children and youth classrooms and meeting spaces will have windows on the doors to allow visual access. If no window is available, doors will remain open. Bathroom doors will remain open for diaper changing and bathroom assistance for young children.
  • Hugs are nice and often appropriate, however, it is best to ask permission first. This gives the person an opportunity to refuse if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Social media is not private and should be used with caution. Your posts are subject to be forwarded, reposted, shared, or someone taking a screenshot. Your post can easily be taken out of context and read with a different tone or emotion than what is intended. Please choose words and pictures wisely.
  • When traveling with students, there should be at least three students in a car with an adult. Students must be taken directly from point “A” to point “B.”
  • Students may be met in public places, however, students must have their own ride to and from the meeting place.
  • If you see or hear that anyone is not following these policies, or if you feel that someone poses a threat to themselves or others, please contact AUMC pastoral leadership. If you see, hear, or have reason to suspect that someone is being harmed, or being abused physically, mentally, or emotionally, please contact law enforcement, DHR, and other appropriate authorities. If other authorities are contacted, please inform AUMC pastoral leadership immediately.
  • When serving on a mission team, it is important to recognize differences in cultural boundaries. Families of many generations often live in the same home, and sometimes in the same room. Children may want to show you where they live. Please be sensitive to the family, and make sure that others are present during your visit.
  • Adults and older adults can be considered vulnerable persons. A vulnerable person is defined as someone unable to protect themselves.
  • Two forms must be received prior to serving:
    • Background Check (every 5 years)
    • Personal Covenant Form

Auburn UMC Safe Sanctuaries 2024 Training and Covenant(note* you must download, print, and sign the document, then bring it to the church – this is not a digitally fillable pdf)

CLICK HERE to view the complete Auburn United Methodist Safe Sanctuaries Policy