Prayer Pager Ministry

Prayer Pager Information

Prayer pagers provide a tangible way to communicate God’s love to those experiencing difficult circumstances. A pager recipient will know when they have been prayed for and their pager number is called. Please join us in this ministry as we offer individual prayers to those in need.

How the Pagers Work

As the Spirit of God prompts you, first PRAY for these individuals, and then CALL their prayer pager number or call the cascade prayer pager number, which reaches all participants. To send a prayer message (just like a text message) to our recipients with a cell pager (see * recipients below), go to( and follow the prompts. You will have the option to type in your prayer message or select a verse from the verses listed. You must use our 334 area code for the message to be sent.

The cascade # serves all pagers, hand held and cell pagers.

Thank you for faithfully supporting all of our pager recipients.


Prayer Pager Recipients (*cell pager)Pager #’s  
*Kate Seawell (mother of Joel Seawell)(334) 742-5224
*Debbie McCall Pegues(334) 742-5233
*Susan Nunnelly(334) 742-5210
*Verona Campbell(334) 742-5212
*Jeanne Robinson(334) 742-5240
Tom White(334) 742-5228
Cascade Prayer Pager (reaches all participants)(334) 742-5202